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Publish Date: 18 August 2010 - 12:44
The press conference for the 6th gathering of the Unity of the Islamic World Students was held on Tuesday August 17, 2010.

According to Rohama, the press conference for the 6th gathering of the Unity of the Islamic World Students was held on Tuesday August 17, 2010 in the central secretariat of the Union of the Islamic World Students with the presence of Mr. Khosrojerdi the conference secretary and media representatives.

According to the conference secretary, the motto of the conference will be "Unity, Resistance and the World without Zionism" and is to be held on August 28 and 29.


20 out of 34 countries which were initially invited to the conference announced their readiness to participate in the event.
The rest announced the Hajj pilgrimage and difficulties concerning travelling limitations during the holy month of Ramadan as the main reasons for their absence.

The conference secretary stated that all the invitees are the secretary generals or his plenipotentiary representatives of their respective student organizations in the world of Islam.

Some of the Iranian figures and organizations who are active in the affairs concerning the Islamic world have also been invited.
The secretary of the 6th gathering of the Unity of the Islamic World Students went on to say that the opening ceremony starts on Saturday August 28 at 9am in the site of  the Culture and Communications Organization.
Speech deliveries, specialized commissions, the wrap up meeting of the commissions, the final statement, meetings between the secretaries of the participating organizations and other sideline programs are among the scheduled plans for the conference.
Khosrojerdi added: two specialized commissions will be formed in this conference. The first one is designated to the study of practical methods to break the Gaza blockade and to study the most important weaknesses and vulnerabilities of the Zionist regime and its supporters.
The second commission deals with investigating theoretical as well as practical methods to make the Muslims, European and American people aware of the plundering and hegemonic acts of the Zionists in different parts of the world.

He added that promoting unity and solidarity among the intellectuals and the elites of the Islamic world, reminding the Islamic student organizations of the necessity of keeping unity along with promoting the insight and knowledge about the enemies of the Islamic world, preventing the adventurism of the Zionist regime and confronting the world capitalist system where the Quds occupying regime holds the foremost position are among the most important goals of this conference.

Rohama added that the Union of the Islamic World Students has announced its readiness to participate in both fronts of soft (cultural) and hard war (even armed defense of the world oppressed Muslims) according to the circumstances and the probable issuance of religious verdicts (fatwa) from the Shia or Sunni ulema.

Rohama added that Palestine, Lebanon, Chad, Kyrgyzstan, Zimbabwe, Mali, India, Sudan, Cameroon, Ghana, Iraq, Algeria, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Turkey,… are among the participating countries.

One of the high ranking Iranian officials will also make a speech in the opening ceremony.  

Source: Rohama
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