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Publish Date: 15 May 2011 - 10:10
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A Panel of Experts from the Union of Islamic World Students, led by the Secretary General of the Union of Islamic World Students, left Iran to Indonesia.
The international gathering will be attended by some representatives of Asian student organizations and the activists of the Muslim Students Unity Network.

This event is organized by HMI (Islamic Student Association of Indonesia) in cooperation with the Union of Islamic World Student.

The gathering will be kicked off May 16, 2011 and will be finished 19 May 2011 in Indonesia, Rohama reported.

The main objectives of the gathering are:

1. To study backgrounds, factor caused socio-political changes in the Middle East and North Africa and it’s implication to Islamic Word.

2. To identify challenges and opportunities of Islamic Word to response the sosio-political change that occurred in the Middle East and North Africa.

3. To build network among student and youth Muslim movement to contribute the strategic roles for Islamic development.

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lily anggraini
really amazing!!!!

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