News ID: 5799
Publish Date: 23 August 2011 - 23:11
Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani cabled a message on Tuesday to felicitate the Libyan people on their triumph in ousting the country’s dictator.
The message read that the people in Libya stood up to their tyrannical ruler and proved that the era of despotism and tyranny is over and all should respect the rights of nations.

After months of patience and struggle, the Libyan people scored victory in the wake of Islamic Awareness, he said.

After fall of the Libyan dictator it is incumbent upon all to set up a democratic government representing revolutionary people and without the interference of aliens, he said.

The noble nation of Libya knows that alien forces led by the US seek to loot the nation's wealth and never respect the legitimate rights of people and therefore any ignorance on the part of people would lead to grave consequences, Larijani said.

“We hope the intellectuals, religious scholars and their youths never let the global arrogance to bring to power a new dictator in that country,' he said.

Larijani once again congratulated the Libyan people on their victory, wished them success and called for expansion of relations between the two countries.

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