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Publish Date: 04 September 2011 - 14:59
A special interview with "Abdul Latif Hussein Mohammad": the General Director of the Muslim Students Union of Somalia.
Q: Please explain about the current situation of Somalia in a brief.
A: About 20 years ago our people raised against their dictator regime and were victorious, but they didn’t succeed in reaching a common agreed point and form a united government, there happened to be some disagreements among the different active groups and the west was provoking it. The northern region got apart from the south and unfortunately other groups haven’t reached an agreed point in establishing a government yet.

Q: How do you explain the main causes of the famine in Somalia?

A: There are two main causes; first the political factor and the other one is the natural condition.

The political factor: as I said before the discrepancy between the groups after the over thrown of the dictator regime got more serious, and it turned to some armed clashes; it led to losing so many of our natural resources and stopped the farmers from working properly, the pastures got destroyed severely, the armed groups were disturbing the humanitarian aids prepared for people, thus the mentioned conflicts were an important factor in destroying the natural resources, agriculture and livestock.

But the natural condition: till some years ago the Somalia people were in a good condition of income average, and the agriculture was in a proper condition, but the climate changes little by little caused the lower efficiency of the land and the products and prepared the situation for the famine, in a way that more than 29 thousand children have lost their lives till now.

Q: What is your idea about the Muslim student unity network (MSUN)?

A: The MSUN is a great chance to establish unity among the elites of Islamic countries in Islamic world, we fully support the mentioned network and we will try our best to expand and enhance it.

The union of Muslim students of Somalia became the member of this network some months ago and we hope this network be the beginning of some considerable changes of Islamic World.

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