What will a possible US military intervention in Syria entail?
Where is US-North Korea tension heading?
Why do the US and its allies aim to overthrow Syria’s government?
What do you think of Israel’s offensive against Gaza?
The best way to confront the West's anti-Islam campaign is ...
Do you think the 16th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement will result in ...
Why do the Buddhists in Myanmar commit such dreadful crimes against Muslims?
How do you analyse the consequences of victory of Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsi in Egypt’s presidential election?
Do you think the winner of 2nd round of Egyptian presidential election will be ...
Do you think the next Egyptian president will be ...
The UN sending of military monitors to Syria will ...
According to the anti-war rallies held in more than 70 US cities, what do you think of these demonstrations and the growing Wall Street movement?
Do you think the economic crisis in Europe may ...
According to the Arab League decision against Syria, do you think…
According to the Occupy Wall Street protests, do you think…
I see the September 11 events as ... .
With the vast protests in the United States & UK, do you think .........?
What is the most important reason for the protests in Britain?
How do you analyze the aftermath of the Norway's terrorist attack ?
What is the reason of new round of protests in Egypt?
In your idea the result of the Lebanon tribunal is politicized?
How do you analyze the difference between the riots in Syria and the recent revolutions in other Arab states?
What is the main reason of the recent uprising in the Europe?
Now that al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Ladan has been confirmed dead,
Are the claims of freedom of speech by France compatible with the last French bill which bans Muslim women from wearing burqa ?
What is the greatest threat for the new movement in the Islamic World ?
What is your solution for the current situation in Lebanon ?
What is the aftermath of Sudan Separation Vote ?!
What is the most important event occurred in 2010 ?
What is the most important result of Ahsura event among Muslim Ummah?
What is the main reason of releasing the names of 200 Israeli War Criminals by an Israeli website ?
What is the main reason of releasing the US Military Classified Documents by Wikileaks website?
What does the warm welcome from Dr. Ahmadinejad in Lebanon show?
What does the Imam Khamenei's fatwa on prohibition of insulting symbols of Sunni brothers show?
What is the reason of the Quran desecration by evangelical Americans?
Who will benefit from the Middle East peace talk?
How was the quality and the quantity of humanitarian aids form Islamic countries and organizations to Pakistani flood victims ?
Racism in America since Barrack Obama elected ...
CNN's firing of Octavia Nasr, Senior Editor for Arab affairs across all of CNN’s platforms, over her praise for Ayatollah Fadlallah
How much G-8 could improve the situation of the world?
If the freedom flotilla contains the best Muslim footballer intends to sail to Gaza, who is the most appropriate captain for it?
Is that a good idea to continue sending many ships carrying humanitarian supplies to the besieged Gaza Strip?
What is the main reason of Muslims' love to Imam Khomeini (Rh)?
What is the most important factor in the unity among Islamic countries ?