Tag: Congratulates
India’s President Congratulates Iran
News ID: 16673   Publish Date: 2015/02/10

President Rouhani congratulates Qatari emir on national day
News ID: 16510   Publish Date: 2014/12/21

The Union of Islamic World Students congratulates Palestinian resistance groups
News ID: 15885   Publish Date: 2014/08/31

OIC Secretary General Congratulates the Ummah on the Occasion of the Holy Month of Ramadan
News ID: 11425   Publish Date: 2013/07/10

Syria's Assad Congratulates Iran's President-Elect Rouhani
News ID: 11201   Publish Date: 2013/06/17

Sayed Nasrallah Congratulates Rouhani for Earning Iranian People's Trust
News ID: 11189   Publish Date: 2013/06/16

Iran President congratulates Pope Francis I
News ID: 10293   Publish Date: 2013/03/19

OIC Congratulates Islamic Ummah on Eidul Adha 2012
News ID: 9291   Publish Date: 2012/10/26

Morsi congratulates Haniyeh on Eidul Fitr
News ID: 9005   Publish Date: 2012/08/21

Statement By Union of Islamic World Students about Recent Changes in Region
News ID: 8769   Publish Date: 2012/07/13

Senior Iranian cleric Congratulates Egyptian nation over New President
News ID: 8660   Publish Date: 2012/07/02

Hezbollah Congratulates Egypt's New President
News ID: 8608   Publish Date: 2012/06/27

OIC Congratulates Muslim World on the Occasion of the Birth of the Prophet (PBUH)
News ID: 7448   Publish Date: 2012/02/06

Hezbollah Congratulates Victory of Islamist Party
News ID: 6615   Publish Date: 2011/10/28

Hezbollah Congratulates Victory of Libyan Nation
News ID: 6546   Publish Date: 2011/10/22

Eid al-Fitr Specific Gift
News ID: 5888   Publish Date: 2011/08/30

Union of Islamic World Students Congratulates All Muslims on Eid al-Fitr
News ID: 5880   Publish Date: 2011/08/30

Iran Officially Congratulates the Libyan Successful Revolution
News ID: 5879   Publish Date: 2011/08/30

OIC Congratulates Libyan People for the Success of their Revolution
News ID: 5804   Publish Date: 2011/08/24

Hezbollah Hails Libyan People Victory over Gaddafi
News ID: 5800   Publish Date: 2011/08/24