Tag: Damascus
Last militant bastion in Syria’s Qalamoun recaptured by army
News ID: 13287   Publish Date: 2014/04/15

Mortar shells hit Damascus schools
News ID: 13281   Publish Date: 2014/04/15

Syria army gains more ground near Damascus
News ID: 13270   Publish Date: 2014/04/15

Syria army recaptures Christian town of Maaloula
News ID: 13259   Publish Date: 2014/04/14

Syrian troops kill 16 militants in Aleppo
News ID: 13253   Publish Date: 2014/04/14

Militant mortar shells kill five people in Syria
News ID: 13249   Publish Date: 2014/04/13

US plots new wave of chemical attacks in Syria: Analyst
News ID: 13248   Publish Date: 2014/04/13

Two people killed, 100 injured in Hama militant attack
News ID: 13220   Publish Date: 2014/04/12

Syria troops inflict crushing blows on insurgents
News ID: 13219   Publish Date: 2014/04/12

Qassem: West in disarray, should accept Assad staying on
News ID: 13171   Publish Date: 2014/04/10

Twin car bombs kill 25 in Syria's Homs: state media
News ID: 13163   Publish Date: 2014/04/09

Syrian army regains control of Rankus
News ID: 13161   Publish Date: 2014/04/09

UN biased towards opposition HR violations: Syria
News ID: 13149   Publish Date: 2014/04/09

‘Prince Bandar may retake Syria case as intelligence chief’
News ID: 13137   Publish Date: 2014/04/08

Syria army kills 20 Jaish al-Islam terrorists near Damascus
News ID: 13132   Publish Date: 2014/04/08

Hersh: Turkey behind Syria sarin attack
News ID: 13121   Publish Date: 2014/04/07

Premature car bomb blast kills 29 militants in Syria
News ID: 13113   Publish Date: 2014/04/06

Syrian army repels militant groups in different areas
News ID: 13103   Publish Date: 2014/04/06

Militant mortar shells kill two Syrians in Damascus
News ID: 13102   Publish Date: 2014/04/06

Three rockets fired by Syria militants hit northeast Lebanon
News ID: 13079   Publish Date: 2014/04/05