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Orphanage for Burmese children+Photos
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Muslim Students Unity Network (MSUN) condemns Myanmar Massacre
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War crimes in Syria, Download 2 Movies
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Stop Killing of Muslims in Myanmar/Sign the Petition
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Egypt denounces Myanmar Massacre
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Indians Rallied Protesting Myanmar Massacre/Photos
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Myanmar massacre is to confront Islam: Ayatollah Kashani
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Cartoons and Caricatures: Ethnic cleansing in Myanmar
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Global Survey on Myanmar Massacre (Burma)
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Gazans Rallied Protesting Myanmar Massacre
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Imam Khamenei condemned Western silence on the Myanmar Massacre
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Myanmar Massacre: Cartoons and Caricatures
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Download film: Bloody massacre of Muslims in Myanmar
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OIC urged to Hold meeting on Myanmar Massacre
News ID: 8804   Publish Date: 2012/07/18

The Union of Islamic World Students Strongly Denounces Myanmar Massacre
News ID: 8803   Publish Date: 2012/07/18

Top commander: Iran not Indifferent to Myanmar Massacre
News ID: 8800   Publish Date: 2012/07/17