Tag: Children
Israel attacks West Bank, Gaza Strip
News ID: 14662   Publish Date: 2014/06/16

Egyptians protest in Cairo against sexual attacks
News ID: 14652   Publish Date: 2014/06/15

Pentagon sweeps US troops’ misconduct under the rug: Madsen
News ID: 14644   Publish Date: 2014/06/15

UN warns against humanitarian crisis in S Sudan
News ID: 14640   Publish Date: 2014/06/15

HRW slams ISIL militants for killing Syrian civilians
News ID: 14634   Publish Date: 2014/06/14

Nigeria starts probe to find 22 female abductees
News ID: 14552   Publish Date: 2014/06/11

Obama calls failure to control gun violence 'biggest frustration' as president
News ID: 14551   Publish Date: 2014/06/11

British charities warn against inequality
News ID: 14538   Publish Date: 2014/06/10

Gun culture institutionalized in US: Analyst
News ID: 14536   Publish Date: 2014/06/10

UK 2020 child poverty goals unattainable: Report
News ID: 14524   Publish Date: 2014/06/09

1 dead, 1 in custody after shooting in Ohio
News ID: 14512   Publish Date: 2014/06/09

Relief workers deliver aid to Afghan flood victims
News ID: 14500   Publish Date: 2014/06/08

UK's UCU probes education in besieged Gaza
News ID: 14497   Publish Date: 2014/06/08

3.5 million UK kids live in poverty: Oxfam
News ID: 14496   Publish Date: 2014/06/08

El-Sisi, Saudis both oppose free speech
News ID: 14491   Publish Date: 2014/06/08

Over 34k kids convicted of crime in UK in 2013: Data Official
News ID: 14485   Publish Date: 2014/06/08

Syrians refuse to be cowed by terrorists
News ID: 14468   Publish Date: 2014/06/07

Bahrain forces detained 214 kids in 2013: Report
News ID: 14449   Publish Date: 2014/06/06

Bahrainis hold nationwide anti-regime protests
News ID: 14446   Publish Date: 2014/06/06

Oklahoma Muslim Group to Host Blood Donation Drive
News ID: 14443   Publish Date: 2014/06/06